Car repairs are necessary for us to be able to operate our cars on daily basis, but the multitude of repairs that are sometimes required just to keep your car on the road can be quite tiresome. It is not usual for several people to actually delay or even forego some of these repairs, either due to not wanting to commit their time and money or simply because they don’t care. While it is possible to get away without a few repairs, there are some repair jobs that you really shouldn’t skip at all. You also need to do these repair jobs in the correct way, as doing anything incorrectly can cost you.

Given below are some critical repair jobs that ought to be carried out at the appropriate time (and in the correct manner) at all costs. Failure to do so may lead to even more expenses, as well as compromising your own personal safety and that of other road users as well.

Ignoring Filter and Fluid Replacements – These are by far the easiest part replacement jobs to carry out (you can even do most of them by yourself), but the frequency at which you need to carry them out may put some people off. Nevertheless, not doing your oil and air filter changes, as well as replacing your engine and gearbox oil on time, can lead to much serious issues and costly engine repairs. Your car may even stall while on the road, requiring you to have it towed back.

Neglecting Tires – Your car’s tires are the only contact patches that connect your car to the ground beneath, which means that any kind of issue with the tyres themselves can have grave consequences. You should never drive on worn tires or ones that are not properly inflated. This is even more risky when the road conditions are bad, like in snowy weather or during heavy rainfall. There will also be a higher risk of crashing out due to losing control of your vehicle, which will require a trip to some panel beaters from Oakleigh (provided that your car is recoverable after the crash)

Ignoring Dashboard Lights – You might have notice that your car’s dashboard has several warning lights that are there to alert you of issues with the car’s internals. If you see any one of them pop up while driving, it is a wise idea to have your car inspected by a mechanic or to take it to an auto repairs centre to check for faults or broken parts.

Any Kind of Strange Noise – Sometimes, you may experience different kinds of noises while driving, ranging from clicking, screeching to grinding. If you are unable to find the reason for this kind of unusual noises, it is recommended to have your car checked by a mechanic. Not all of these noises are a reason to worry, but it’s better not to push your luck without fully knowing the exact cause.