Many of us have come through the car locksmith or simple locksmith when we have stuck or broken our keys in the door of the car or the house. In this case, we immediately call the locksmith to either perform a lock repair or lock replacement. Although the key cutting service is one of the most acquired service of the locksmith. This is needed in the case, when the keys are lost of some lock and now new keys need to be made. However, this may sound simple but this is not since the types of the keys vary with the types of the lock and the locksmith needs to understand even the tiniest pin setting of the lock to create the key which could open it.

What equipment is required for this?

Key cutting is actually a process to make a new key by cutting the metal in the right manner so that each pin is as it was in the actual key. These keys could be car key locksmith in Adelaide, keys of house or some safe keys. There are majorly four kind of the machines which are used in the cutting procedure and these include the automatic machine, manual, laser and the code design. Each of this machine has its own features and effectiveness and it depends on the locksmith which kind of the machine he uses based on his budget or experience.

What is the process for key cutting?

Usually there is a frame in which the key is present without the cuts. Once the key is made without the cuts then the above-mentioned machine makes the cut in the keys to match it to the original keys. Although the question that comes in mind is that what if there was only one original key and it is lost then how do the locksmith make the keys. There are code numbers designed for each lock and each key. Based on these numbers the locksmith determines which kind of key cuts could open these pins in the lock and this is how he inputs these codes in the machines for cutting the keys and these machines prepare the respective keys. Although this method is not possible in case of all the locks especially in case of the car locks. In order to understand these numbers or to get a new key the car owner may have to go to the manufacture of the car where he would have to proof that the car is his belongings and then the manufacturer of the car will hand over the keys to owner.