Motor vehicles being imported to Australia have more stringent laws than other countries. Here, we discuss some of the things you should consider when going for importing a car to Australia.

First, and foremost, you should be set in your mind if you really want vehicle shipping to Australia. Australia is famous for its strict policies concerning vehicle imports. They have many rules in place and the first thing you should find out is if your car is eligible. Before choosing a car importer Australia, here are some things that you should do. These are for your benefit, because you don’t want the car shipped before knowing in certainty if Australia would allow it. Conduct your research beforehand. Look at what import options you have. Also, check out the costs involved. There will be storage, shipping, permit application, delivery, and taxes to be paid. You’ll also have to see if there will be customs duties, any kind of clearing for quarantine purposes, asbestos testing along with removal, modification costs and quarantine costs. You have to check out the timeframes which are involved in order to get the permit, and also look at what documents you’ll need. There will be different requirements for each of the government agencies, and you may need the services of a broker. Also, acquaint yourself with the risks included in importing a importer

The next thing to do is to apply for a vehicle import approval. You need to register with the department and also complete the application online for which you’ll have to pay $50. Pretty soon, you will receive an email with the Vehicle Import Approval. The approval should be containing some conditions for the use of your car.

When you arrange shipping of the vehicle, make sure the car is steam cleaned on the inside as well as the outside. This is done to shorten or altogether avoid the quarantine process. You also have to make sure that all the air conditioning gas is removed before shipping. You are required to make arrangements for asbestos testing and also removal if deemed so.

In order to get clearance from customs, you are required to declare the import, as well as paying customs duty and Gods and Service tax. If the car is a luxury one, you might have to pay an additional Luxury Car Tax.
Lodge a quarantine entry as well, with the department of Agriculture, and also arrange for an inspection where you or your broker has to be present. In order o meet import approval, you might have to modify the vehicle, develop the evidence of compliance, in addition to application to identification plate approvals. Finally after all of this, you’ll be able to register your car with the territory you’re going to stay in.