Everything is turning automatic to some extent. But that does not mean that the problems are getting less. Problems were there and still are. It is always better to solve problems when they are at early stages. People often think that it is valid to go for a repair when things are at their worst. But bigger problems mean bigger repair and bigger bills. Often it is tough to repair bigger issues to such an extent that some major parts must be replaced with newer ones. This will make the bills go higher. The same thing happens with automatic transmission. Signs of automatic transmission problems must be understood and here is a list of the signs.

Leaking fluid:Transmissions are units which are sealed properly. So there is less chance of any leakage. But if the driveway or the garage floor show some leak spots, then it is better to be careful. Laying cardboards under the front and the middle part of the car will help you to detect the leakage easily. Leaking fluid from the transmission is usually red or of dark color. When you find leakage in the transmission, it is better to get help immediately to avoid any serious problem and visit automatic transmission rebuild Frankston. One must be careful during the filling of the fluid as more fluid than what is needed will cause problem.

Overheating:Overheating is a problem which must be addressed. It is related to the quantity and condition of the fluid. Use proper ATF for your car and ensure its perfect condition to keep your car running. If needed, take your car to your nearest automatic transmissions service.

Lack of fluid:The fluid in transmissions is used for proper working of the car. A certain amount of fluid is necessary for the working of the automatic transmission. Low level of fluid can cause problems slipping, in shifting gears, overheating and shaking. All these may lead to failure. The easy process to check the transmission fluid is by the dipstick. The problem can be solved by adding more fluid to the unit. Low level of fluid also indicates the presence of leakage.

The colour and condition of the fluid:It is suggested that the fluid of the transmission must be checked once in a month. It has some good reasons too. While proper fluid makes a car running smoothly, burnt or contaminated fluid will create problem for sure. Normally the fluid is of bright pink color. But if the colour turns into a darker one, it means that the fluid is no longer perfect. The fluid must be changed at the earliest.