When it comes to automobile industry, the components in it constantly need to be maintained. It could be on daily basis or weekly basis, it must be fulfilled one way the other. Whilst there are rare mechanical conditions, there are commonly recurring headlight defects. Here are 4 of them and how to get them fixed!

Foggy and cloudy headlights

The last thing you want is a pair of weak and unclear pair of headlights in the middle of a night; perhaps in a hilly area. No matter where you were foggy headlights puts you in uncomfortable and perilous situations. The reason for this is the oxidation of the plastic headlight. It diffuses the internal bulbs resulting the weakening of individual light beams. The best way to fix this is wash your car, use abrasive paper to rub the lens, polish it and eventually apply UV repellant. But an entirely new plastic headlight restoration will result a fresh and new look for your headlights.


This condition is quite an annoyance for the driver and the other drivers in the road. This usually starts with unusual accidental dimming and slowly leading to the flickering. Whilst there are many causes of headlight flickering, it could be either one of these 3 causes; the poor condition of the bulbs itself, the failure of the alternator to start, or even a weak battery. Typically, you can try to get the alternator start. If it doesn’t work, fix issues with the battery. And if even that doesn’t work, you should probably take your vehicle for a reliable headlight repairer.

Undistributed lights

Once the lens of the headlights is either broken or severely cracked, it can diminish the functionality of the headlights. That is simply the occasion where although the lights work just fine, the beams are not adequately distributed. This could cause visual distractions to other drivers immensely. Hence, consulting a good headlight restoration Richmond is the smart thing to do. Getting the lens fixed could save a lot of energy; i.e. fuel, in the long run. That is directly saving money.

Dead headlights

Rather than trying to revive something dead, it is wise to get them replaced. But there’s aspect thing that you should pay attention to. If one bulb is out, the other is highly likely to go dead soon. Hence, getting both replaced is the right thing to do because uneven lights can cause complications in driving.No component in a vehicle is meant to stay the same for a long time. The more use, the faster it deteriorated. Hence, getting things fixed timely is what you should do, always.